Counter Top

Compact and non-porous, extremely hygienic and easy to clean, our kitchen tops made of Stratificato Print HPL resist the development of viruses and bacteria and have an excellent resistance to water and steam.
Stratificato Print HPL, with its extensive range of colors and designs, production grades and surface finishes offers the client unlimited
creative solutions.
Moreover, the kitchen tops made of Polaris are smooth and velvety to the touch, and its surface features are truly extraordinary: it is highly resistant to scratches and heat, as well as being anti-fingerprint.

AVAILABLE Counter Tops


Stratificato HPL maintains its aesthetic and performance characteristics for the entirety of its life cycle.
The core is made up of layers of cellulose fibres impregnated with phenolic resins; the surface by one or more layers of cellulose fibres impregnated with thermosetting resins, providing the decorative function bonded together by high pressure process in compliance with the standard EN 438:2005 – Part 4.



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